Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1 down...249 to go...

I found this fantastic tutorial for fabric invitations on merriment design.

absolutely stunning, after I saw this I knew I just had to make these for the wedding. I calculated our guest list. We are going to be expecting around 400 hundred people, and I figured I would have to make around 250 invitations to be safe, in case I have any mess ups or people come out of the wood work at the last minute.

I found this awesome fabric on ebay from a seller called fancymoon fabric shop. Take a peak at how they are coming out so far.

 this is a swatch of the fabric. I used a fusable webbing to make sure that my flowers do not fray.
I cut the flowers out, I really like that there is a black outline. Monica put it best, "you like it because it looks like something you would draw" true.

I ordered purple pearlescent paper from Their prices were great, and I was able to get everything I needed. Order should be here on Monday.. then sew sew sew....

Finished corner. I have so many different cut outs of the flowers, you could probably tell from the fabric pattern. I love that each one will be kind of one of a kind in a way. I bought some gold embroidery thread at Joanns, I think it gives them an added sparkle. I love me some sparkle!!
As I make more, I'll post a snap shot of all of the styles I was able to make.. Thanks Merriment for the tutorial :)

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  1. Hi, these are absolutely gorgeous! Do you remember what the fabric is called? I've been searching ebay for hours, but can't find anything remotely nice to this. Thanks!!!