Tuesday, February 8, 2011

twenty odd days to go... DIY ring bear pillow

I am in work my ass mode right now. There are about twenty some odd days until my wedding and I have so much to do! Today I decided to make a ring bling pillow. I am using robert kaufman fabric that was used to create my wedding invitations.
First measure out your fabric. I chose to stack up three layers of fabric together and cut them all at the same time. Two layers were a natural colored muslin, and the top layer is the fabric I am using to tie in the whole floral and poppy theme.
Fold your 3 layers of fabric corner to corner until you have a triangle shape. The right side of the fabric will be your inside layer. Pin and stitch the folded edge with a straight stitch on your sewing machine. You will stitch one half, cut the edging off with pinking shears, and then fold the opposite corners of the square and stitch that folded edge. Why? It gives the pillow the illusion of being quilted of pieced together from many pieces of fabric.
Here is a picture of what the squares will look like. they are all stitched together across. Now its time to put your square together. Be sure to pin your fabric together, right side of fabric facing the other. You will then stitch all around the square, but be sure to leave yourself a stuffing hole.
Turn pillow inside out and iron down. The stuff with a polyfil. I like to pull the fill apart several times before stuffing, it gets the fibers separated and prevents clumping. You could use a pillow insert by modifying how far around you have stitched, but I find the polyester stuffing allows me to used as much or as little fill as I like. After filling the pillow to your desired thickness, fold the exposed edges in, and pin. Then stitch on your sewing machine.
I, personally like a very tailored look when I sew, so not only did I stitch the hole shut, but then I went all the way around the pillow. Go slowly, because your machine will want to fight you on it. Next I added a button to the middle of the pillow to give it the gusted look, however the button I found was too gold, so I painted a light lilac with some nail polish and let it dry for about five minutes. Then your ready to get sewing by hand.

Sewing by hand is easy, but its just more time consuming. I used a pretty thick thread, knotted the end, and found the middle on the back of my pillow. I slipped a satin ribbon under the button, to sew it in placed and made about 5 or 6 stitches from front to back and repeat.

After some hand work, you have yourself a finished pillow. The pillow has a nice "quilted" top and makes it look like you spent all this time piecing together squares. I can't wait to use it for the big day. Tomorrow we tackle the guest book. Check back.